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Port Dover, a quiet and relaxing beach town situated on the beautiful Lake Erie just 15 minutes from Simcoe, 45 minutes from Brantford and 1 hour from Hamilton. Port Dover offers a quiet atmosphere and a great family friendly place where summers are quite popular for locals and tourists alike. Port dover provides plenty of amenities including grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, take-out, schools, churches and more! If you love supporting local businesses, Port Dover is certainly no stranger. There are so many great local restaurants that offer amazing seafood and more.
Port Dover is very picturesque, as a Port Dover resident you can enjoy beautiful walks on the beach or on some of the local trails. The downtown area is a great place for an evening stroll where you can stop at some of the many great restaurants.
Located in the heart of downtown is Powell Park, a great little park with a gazebo and live music regularly in the summertime. Also located in Port Dover is the lighthouse theatre where you can take in some of their amazing productions.
A great place to purchase real estate if you’re looking for cottage living year-round! Port Dover offers something for everyone.

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At Carnevale Realty, we absolutely love the small-town character that Port Dover offers! Port Dover offers the best of both worlds, small-town community feeling with plenty of amenities as well as easy access to the big town amenities. We continuously work in Port Dover on a regular basis and keep a close eye on market trends within the real estate market, tracking new sales, new construction, as well as planned developments so we can quickly act and provide all of our clients with the best advice for the purchase or sale of their home.

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Buying real estate in Port Dover requires a keen eye on the market and the skills to know the market thoroughly. At Carnevale Realty we know the Port Dover real estate market very well. We regularly watch the market and advise our buyers and sellers based on the most relevant and current market trends. We are very proud to share our experience of the Port Dover real estate market with all our clients and friends. Our goal is to help you purchase a home in Port Dover!

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Have you considered selling real estate in Port Dover? You’re in luck! The real estate market in Port Dover is growing rapidly and we are seeing more and more people want to escape the hustle and bustle of bigger cities to a more quiet and private smaller knit community. We are very fortunate to be able to represent several different buyers who are looking to purchase within Port Dover, meaning we can not only help you get top dollar for your home but can also provide a quick and easy sale.
At Carnevale Realty, we offer high-quality service with dedicated support and communication throughout the entire process. We ensure that homeowners selling real estate in Port Dover can capitalize on the value of their property by pricing it competitively and have a seamless and quick sale process.

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